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Managing and Mobilizing Organizational Teams

A distinguished name in organizational management, Rod Eller Consultants specializes in executive coaching. Serving clients in Clemmons, North Carolina, and nearby cities, we also handle business consulting as well as training and implementation.


Brief Background

Since the launch of our firm, we have delivered increased sales growth and operational performance to several large organizations. We have also brought in mergers and acquisitions. Throughout that time, we have been fortunate enough to have led several award-winning sales teams.

Consulting Services

Come to us for a full consulting package. You can ask our advice on anything, from improving operations to adopting procedural perspectives. When you hand us your financial review, we actually search for areas of opportunity. We then develop solutions based on consultative findings. These range from solutions to empower the leadership team to honing the skills of the sales or customer relations teams. Lastly, we streamline efficiency while maximizing individual skills within the organization.

Personal Coaching

First coaching session for leadership development and sales performance is free of charge. Sole proprietors, individual business owners, and independent contractors must take advantage of this. If you are unsure where to turn to or what to do, our personal coaching specialists will guide you towards the path to success.

Training and Implementation

Through our training programs, we aim to enhance the skill level of all leadership, sales force, and customer relations teams. These will be anchored on principles that underscore value. True value is priceless, and this training will focus on valuing the needs of the customer and fulfilling those needs with the product and services they desire.